Adult Confirmation Preparation

Mar 18, 2020


Adult Confirmation is open to those over 18 years old who have already been baptized in the Catholic Church, attends Mass, and partakes of the Eucharist. If on campus meetings are allowed after Easter, classes will be held Sundays starting April 19th thru May 24th from 9:00 am—10:45 am. We will be prepared to offer preparation through home study if in person classes are not available. Confirmation will be at St. Joseph’s Cathedral on May 31st. Contact Wendy at [email protected] or 647-3696 to register.


  • Rachelle DelattePosted on 4/01/20

    Contact Wendy at [email protected] or 647-3696 for more information please.

  • alexander landryPosted on 3/31/20

    i was not baptized in the Catholic Church i was baptized at The Church St.Amant.

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