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Come, Lord Jesus!

Come, Lord Jesus! is a Bible Study and So Much More! 

It's a program that was developed in the Diocese of Lafayette in the late sixties and early seventies by Father Conley Bertrand, a parish priest. Graced with a love for prayer and Scripture and an ardent zeal, he sought to communicate these qualities to his parishioners. Come, Lord Jesus! is the fruit of many years of prayer, reflection on Sacred Scripture, and experimentation.

This inspiring program is a complete study of the Sunday Readings, including Gospels (Be My Witness), Epistles(Love One Another) and the Old Testament(Give Glory to God) in three separate volumes. Following the Liturgical Calendar and utilizing the Catechism of the Catholic Church, members grow in sanctification through prayer, Scripture, Eucharist, and Christian community.

This Catholic faith formation program creates an atmosphere of prayer and helps to develop an awareness of the Divine Presence as well as nurtures an ardent desire for God.


Divinely inspired and uniquely designed, Come, Lord Jesus! is based on Acts 2:42 which states, "They devoted themselves to the teaching of the Apostles, and to the communal life, to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers." This format offers a powerful and effective method of bringing active Bible study into the life of every Catholic as it links the truth of Scripture with Sacred Tradition.

Come, Lord Jesus! is a program spread by personal witness.

It began as one group and continues to grow. Currently, there are thousands of members who meet weekly for an unparalleled style of Bible study. Come, Lord Jesus! has extended through dioceses of Louisiana and in many other states. It has also reached territories beyond the USA; all by a method of evangelization encouraged by Father Conley Bertrand. This program is so powerful that several groups which started in the early seventies are still meeting weekly!


Mission Statement

The Mission of Come, Lord Jesus! is the transformation of each member into the very image and likeness of Jesus by a process of formation that includes prayer, Scripture, Eucharist, and Christian community.

The program assists its members in developing their full potential as human beings and as children of God, as well as developing a more personal relationship with Jesus. It requires a commitment to meet weekly in small Catholic faith communities where its members are formed into ardent apostolic witnesses and zealous parish ministers.