Spiritual Direction

Greetings! Thank you for your interest in the ministry of spiritual direction. Often, it can be a challenge to know where to begin in the spiritual life. Meeting with a spiritual director can be a meaningful step to help you connect with God. The information below will help you to understand what spiritual direction is and is not.

What is Spiritual Direction:

Spiritual direction facilitates the growth of our relationship with God. It helps us to…

* Be attentive to God’s self-communication as we experience it in our feelings or emotions

* Savor, relive, and enjoy the richness and depth of this experience

* Respond to our self-communicating God in our lives, prayer, and relationships

Watch a video about spiritual direction here

What Spiritual Direction is not:

* Spiritual direction is not counseling or therapy. While it may be appropriate at times to discuss personal and relational struggles in the context of spiritual direction, a spiritual director is not a psychotherapist, nor does the spiritual director provide such services. 

* Not “directive” in the sense of telling a person what to do

* Not a relinquishing of personal responsibility

* Not primarily informative 

* Not primarily advisory

* Not the sacrament of penance

* Spiritual direction is not financial advice

Frequently Asked Questions about spiritual direction

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