What is SoulCore?

SoulCore is a movement that pairs core strengthening, stretching and functional movement with the prayers of the rosary. A sensory experience combining candlelight, music, scripture and movement to nourish body, mind & soul and encourage deeper reflection on the virtues of the rosary.

SoulCore began from a simple “yes” to an inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 

SoulCore is founded in monotheism, one true God.

SoulCore is based in Christian meditation, which is always focused on the life of Jesus Christ.

SoulCore is about “filling” the mind & soul specifically with the life, virtues and Word of Christ.

SoulCore is not affiliated with any other exercise discipline. It is not yoga, nor are yoga poses or Sanskrit referenced at any time.

SoulCore is simply an invitation to discover the beauty of the rosary; a gentle path to grow in virtue and interior peace.

Our Lady’s desire is always to lead us closer to her son Jesus.  As a Marian apostolate, SoulCore imitates her in striving to draw others closer to Christ through deeper reflection on His life and virtues in the rosary.  Anything that could potentially lead us away from Christ is counter to our mission.

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Soulcore Leaders-Rachelle Delatte & Rani James. What do you need for Soulcore: Comfortable clothes, water, exercise mat if you have one and a small donation. For more information you can contact Rachelle @ Cell: 225-725-5406 or email: or 




Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Soulcore with Rachelle Delatte & Rani James-Facebook