Reconciling the Body of Christ (An Interview with Fr. Josh Johnson)

Fr. Mike Schmitz sits down with Fr. Josh Johnson to discuss racial division in the Church and how Catholics can strive to restore unity in the Body of Christ.  Click Here

An Invitation to Pray: Rosary for Racial Reconciliation: Click Here

Fr. Josh's videos:


What do we do in Adoration?

Hospital for Sinners

Come as You Are

I Will Follow 

What is Lectio Divina

Everything Passes but God

Does God Always Show Us the Fruits of Our Prayer?

Becoming a Living Image of Christ

Intro to Night Prayer

Night Prayer Sunday 1

Night Prayer Sunday 2

Night Prayer Monday

Night Prayer Tuesday

Night Prayer Wednesday

Night Prayer Thursday

Night Prayer Friday

The Mass Explained

Roots of Faith: Exploring Our Parishes-Holy Rosary 1

Roots of Faith: Exploring Our Parishes-Holy Rosary 2