A Message from Deacon Michael

Greetings in the Lord,

It is with great joy that I am able to inform you of a new form of evangelization that is
coming to our Diocese of Baton Rouge. As you may know, my assignment here at Holy
Rosary beginning with my internship that started the summer of 2019 has been and
continues to be something that I am proud to speak of around the Diocese. Holy Ro-
sary is a parish that continues to enliven the spirit and hope of Christ and His Church.
Which is why I consider myself blessed and highly fortunate to be the Deacon Assis-
tant at this parish.

The open arms from each of you has been nothing but inspirational and has allowed
me to realize how great it is to be loved by other members of the Body of Christ. It is a
feeling like no other, to know that when we gather for the Mass that we are all in partic-
ipation to love God together and love each other. A feeling that many people outside of
the walls of our parish and overall Catholic Church have never experienced.

This is why I am happy to state that through the continued prayers from you for myself
and my family, that the Lord is calling me currently to a mission where I again ask for
your continued prayers to bring it to fulÞllment. As of July 1st, I will be the Area Direc-
tor for Vagabond Missions in Baton Rouge, LA.

Vagabond Missions is geared towards inner-city and urban teens that are in a cycle of
hopelessness. Hopelessness that can be broken by intentional relationships with mis-
sionaries and an invitation to Christ and his Church. Baton Rouge will be the newest
site for Vagabond Missions.

After sitting with some of the missionaries in training, something that was discussed
was how we are going into spiritual warfare and how prevalent it is that we have others
praying for us. So, I ask you, my family here at Holy Rosary, to keep myself and the
missionaries of Vagabond Missions in prayer as we answer our Lords call to disciple
young men and women who live in a cycle of hopelessness. That we may be used as a
vessel to be Christ to others. Know that it is by your outpouring of love that you have
given and continue to give me that I plan to share with others who dont know Jesus
and His Church.

For the next month, you may notice a heavy absence from me as I start to establish a
working foundation in the area. But I want to make it clear that Holy Rosary is where I
am assigned, making it my home. Know that my prayers are with you.

Deacon Michael Parker