Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA and RCIC)

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is a process providing for those adults, unbaptized or baptized, who are seeking to know more about the Catholic faith and become a part of that faith. Here at Holy Rosary the process is also open to those adult Catholics who have been away from the church and are seeking to become part of their religion/church again.

The process occurs in phases as the individual's faith develops. The first is a period of inquiry where time is spent answering questions the "inquirer" has concerning Catholicism.The second is the period of the catechumenate, providing faith growth through scripture. This is followed by the period of purification and enlightenment where attention is given to looking into one's conscience and soul for strength and conviction and determination to live according to the teachings of the Catholic religion, and that the decision made to follow this path is a true one. The Easter Vigil is a focal point of this faith journey. Following this, a period of Mystagogy guides the newly formed Catholics, Neophytes, through a time of looking at the sacraments, sacramentals, rituals, traditions, teachings of the Catholic Church.

The RCIA process of Holy Rosary welcomes any adult who feels the Holy Spirit move him/her toward the Catholic Church. The process may be entered into at any time. RCIA is not a series of classes where its participants advance as a unit. The process is based on faith growth, and each "inquirer" will enter and proceed to the next phase when his/her faith growth indicates the individual is ready for that next step.

There is no set time for completion of the process.

Inquiring into the Catholic faith is simply just that ...no commitment is necessary. There is no pressure for attending or completion of the process. The Holy Spirit guides participants, and each will know in his/her heart if the time is right and if this is truly what the individual desires.

* * The Rite Of Christian Initiation for Adults has been adapted for children, and Holy Rosary Catholic Church provides this process as part of its religious education program. (RCIC)

RCIC for Children:

Contact Wendy Enloe (Director of Adult Formation) (647-3696) or RCIC Coordinator Stacey Brignac (675-8699).